Breed Information


Please read and learn about this unique breed BEFORE you buy one.

The Complete Rottweiler by Muriel Freeman.
The Rottweiler--An International Study Of The Breed by Dr. D. Hodinar
The Rottweiler by Richard Pettengill
The Rottweiler, An Owner's Companion by Price
The Rottweiler Today by Elsden

How To Raise a Puppy You Can Live With by Rutherford & Neil
Excellent information and advice on all aspects of training your dog to be
a rewarding and well-mannered companion. A MUST!!

The Dogtrain Puppy Manual, available from Barb McNinch,
Excellent, positive training information for all owners,
but especially helpful for first time owners and trainers.

Any information from the American Rottweiler Club, Medallion Rottweiler Club,
or Colonial Rottweiler Club is highly recommended.

The Rottweiler Quarterly Magazine
P.O. Box 900 Aromas, California 95004

Excellent- filled with articles on current genetic problems, training, show results, LOTS of
pictures, litter announcements, and a tremendous amount of excellent breed information.
One GREAT magazine. Over 300 pages four times per year. (408) 728-8461

Mail Order Catalogs
Filled with all kinds of doggy stuff at the absolute lowest prices.
R C Steele (800) 872-3773
Drs. Foster & Smith (800)-826-7206
J & J Dog Supplies (800)-642-2050

Once you get you Rottweiler, training is a must.
Here are some training books we suggest:

Why Does My Dog...? John Fisher
Mother Knows Best, the Natural Way to Train Your Dog Carol Lea Benjamin
Training Your Dog, the Step by Step Manual  Volhard & Fisher
Dog Problems Carol Lea Benjamin
Beyond Basic Dog Training Diane Bauman

All books except the Puppy Manual available from Direct Book Service (800)776-2665.
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